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Three Ways To Make Your Chain Link Fence More Private

If you're trying to fence in your yard but are on a tight budget, chain link fencing is a great option. A 4-foot chain link fence will cost between $3 and $6 per linear foot, and a 6-foot fence will cost between $8 and $15 per linear foot. This is considerably more affordable than vinyl or wood fencing -- but chain link fences have one downfall. You can see through them. They don't offer a lot of privacy. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to a chain link fence to make it less transparent and more private.

Privacy Slats

Made from plastic or vinyl, privacy slats are long, flat strips of material that you can weave through your chain link fence. The slats come in a variety of colors so you can match your home. Installing them is a project you can tackle yourself even if you have few to no DIY skills, so you do not have to worry about paying installation costs.

Make sure you buy slats that are the proper height for your fence (6-foot and 4-foot ones are sold regularly. You might have to do some shopping around if your fence is an odd height.) To install the slats, start by spraying the slat with some soapy solution; this will make it slip through the fence more easily. Then, line up one of the slats with the opening at the top of the fence, and slide it down through each diamond in the fence until it reaches the bottom of the fence. Repeat this step with another slat in the next vertical set of diamonds. Keep going until you have inserted slats into each vertical column of diamond links.

Roll-Out Fence Cover

This option is less durable than privacy slats, but it is also easier to install when you need privacy ASAP. Roll-out fence covers are exactly what they should like -- rolled up sheets of thin material like bamboo or vinyl that you unroll along the length of your fence and then secure to the fence at regular intervals, using pieces of wire or plastic ties.

Make sure you buy a roll that is the same length as your fence. If it is too long, you can cut some of the material off before you begin. To put up a roll-out fence cover, have a friend hold one end of the roll vertically against the fence as you unroll it, positioning it directly against the interior surface of your fence. Every 3 - 4 feet, secure it to the fence by sticking a piece of wire through the loops included on the fence cover and through a piece of your chain link fence. Twist the wire to secure it. Keep unrolling and securing the fence cover until you've gone all of the way along the fence.

Planting Climbing Vines

This is a good eco-friendly alternative to the suggestions above. Plant climbing vines along the base of the fence, and they will climb up it. Their foliage will make it harder to see through the fence, enhancing your privacy. Some good climbing vines to consider included:

  • Clematis, a dense green vine with tiny white flowers
  • Hops, which are known for their big leaves and pale green flowers
  • Sweet peas, which feature numerous colorful flowers

When planting vines along your fence, make sure you plant more seeds than you think you'll need. Planting 2 every inch along the base of the fence is a good basic guideline. If the plants look too thick once they start coming in, you can always remove a few. Check with a landscaping professional or local garden center for instructions on growing and caring for the specific vine plant you choose.

Chain link fences might not offer privacy on their own, but there are simple steps you can take to make them more private. For more information, contact Phoenix Fence, Co.