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Should You Surround Your Yard With Wrought Iron Fencing?

Have you driven by traditional homes and fallen in love with the stately, wrought iron fencing surrounding their yards? Perhaps you've thought of having iron fencing installed at your own home. While it's tough to beat the look of wrought iron fencing, there are some intricacies to its ownership and care that you should be aware of before you make the decision to have it installed. Carefully weigh these pros and cons to decide if wrought iron fencing is right for you.

Pro: Wrought iron fencing has a classic appearance.

As you're aware, the black metal or wrought iron fencing makes it look like it is straight out of a Dickens novel or the 18th century. If you have a traditional, historic home, the iron will fit right in with your decor. Plus, iron is easy to mold into different shapes and designs, so you'll have your choice of styles. You can choose a more plain iron fence with simple vertical bars, or one that has flowers, your initials, or some other design molded into it. Choose a low fence for decoration or a taller one for security. The options are really endless, but each one of them looks classic and sophisticated.

Pro: Wrought iron fencing is secure.

Iron is exceptionally hard, so you do not have to worry about someone cutting through it, as you may with an aluminum, vinyl or wood fence. The bars also cannot easily be bent to allow someone to slip through. Make sure you choose a design where the bars are only a few inches apart, and you'll not only keep other humans out of your yard, but also dogs, coyotes, deer, and other pest-like animals. (Cats and squirrels can still gain access by climbing).

Pro: Wrought iron fencing is durable and low-maintenance.

Wood will start to weaken and rot after a few years. Cheap chain-link fencing will start to corrode and weaken quite quickly, too. Wrought iron, however, will stay strong and intact for decades. You will need to paint the iron with enamel paint every few years to slow down its rusting. However, this maintenance is minimal compared to that needed for a wood fence.

Con: Wrought iron fencing is pricey.

Sadly, the cost of wrought iron fencing can be prohibitive for some homeowners. With professional installation, the total cost for labor and materials can range from $30 to $300 per foot, depending on your location and on the height and style of the fence. If you are on a tight budget and want the look of wrought iron, black aluminum fencing is a viable alternative. Its average price is $20 to $30 per foot including installation. Aluminum fencing looks similar to wrought iron, though it is less secure and less durable.

Con: Wrought iron fencing will start to show age after a while.

Painting the fence regularly will slow down the aging process, but over time, the paint will chip off and some rust will start to set in. The fence won't look as clean, pristine and black as it did on day one, although it will still be sturdy. Some homeowners embrace the natural appeal of an aging iron fence, but if you want a fence that is always going to look picture perfect, then iron may not be the best choice for you.

Iron fencing is great for adding stately appeal to your yard. However, it is far from the only fencing option out there. To learn more about iron fencing and other options that may even be more suited to your taste, talk with a fencing company in your local area or click here for more info about iron fencing.