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4 Aluminum Fencing Features to Provide Extra Yard & Driveway Security

Installing an aluminum fence around your front yard and driveway is a great way to add curb appeal and security to your home. However, though a fence on its own is a good security feature, you can also upgrade it by adding specific accessories that will increase the protection for your home. When working with fence contractors, it's a good idea to look into the following four fencing features. By using one or more of them, your home and driveway can have the extra security you need to feel comfortable on a daily basis.

1. Solar Light Post Caps

One of the biggest security concerns for your driveway and yard is visibility during the night. Leaving the front of your home in darkness can make it vulnerable to potential criminals or vandals. Add extra visual security to your property perimeter by having solar light post caps installed on aluminum fencing. During the day, the solar caps will charge in the sun, and at night, they will shine brightly along the fence.

Not only do these solar lights help add security to your home, but they make it easy to see a driveway entry if you're arriving home at night or need to go outside in the dark. You can feel safe knowing that the lights are there to guide you and provide visibility of the surrounding area. The lights themselves can be purchased to match the color and style of the fence design. This creates a seamless look to your home.

2. Curved Pickets

When installing a fence on your property, one of the main issues you may run into is the ability for someone to simply jump over the fence. This idea can be eliminated with the use of curved pickets. Pickets are the vertical poles of the fence that showcase the design and are used to create a protective barrier. When you choose to have curved pickets installed, small sections will be added to the top of the standard straight pickets. These picket extensions curve outward and make the angle nearly impossible to climb over. The curved design acts as a natural deterrent and can be installed so it flows naturally within the fence design.

3. Close Picket Spacing

The spacing of pickets on an aluminum fence can be a factor in your security issues. Pickets with large spaces can make it easy for humans or wild animals to slip through. Protect this vulnerability by choosing a fence design with close spacing. Fence contractors can install a fence with spaces that are only inches apart. The small width can make it impossible for even a cat to crawl through. This helps add extra protection for your home and makes it safe to let pets out in the yard. For example, if you own a small dog, you can let the pet roam around the fenced area without worrying that it will crawl through a fence hole or potentially get pulled through. Horizontal rails can also be used across the bottom and top of the fence to close off gaps and keep the fence secure.

4. Self-Closing Gates

When a fence is installed on your front yard and driveway, access to the driveway is typically granted through a double-wide swing gate. Without the proper technology, these gates can be one of the more vulnerable areas for your home. Add extra protection to the swing gate on your home by have a contractor install self-closing gate hinges. A self-closing gate uses tension springs to automatically shut the gate after it has been opened. This will ensure that the gate shuts and is secure even if you forget to close it. The tension springs on these gates can be adjusted to change the speed at which the gate shuts. You can have the gate shut instantly or slowly so the gates do not bang together.

If security is one of your top priorities, then you should bring this up with a fence contractor. This will help them pick out the best installation options and accessories for your home.