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4 Ways to Enhance Your Poolside Experience

Having a backyard pool is one of the fondest dreams of many homeowners, so why aren't you getting more enjoyment out of yours? If the initial excitement of pool ownership has faded for you and your family, here are some ways you can perk up your poolside experience.

1. Choose a Theme

Your backyard pool doesn't have to look just like everybody else's. Maybe all you need to take your pool from dull to dazzling is a unique theme that creates a spellbinding, relaxing or entertaining ambiance. Ideas might include:

  • "Back to nature" features such as artfully-arranged rocks and waterfalls, wind chimes and a bamboo pool fence
  • A Polynesian look featuring tiki torches, decorative carved masks and potted palms
  • A beach motif with canvas canopies, beach umbrellas and sounds of the sea piped through camouflaged speakers

2. Change Your Fence

Maybe you've already gone to the all the trouble of giving your pool area a unique look and feel only to have that facelift mitigated by the fence surrounding it. An ordinary chain-link fence is no complement for a beautiful, inviting yard or deck; the institutional look of the wire mesh may make you feel more like you're swimming in the city swimming pool than in the comfort of your own residence. Fortunately, there are many other pool fence materials and styles to choose from. If you're striving to create a "down-home" ambiance, for instance, you might set up an attractive wooden fence (or its durable PVC lookalike). An upscale, elegant pool area might be better enhanced by a fancy aluminum or glass fence.

Don't let the question of style overshadow the equally important questions of privacy. If the fence around your yard doesn't lend much privacy to your pool area, then you may feel more comfortable with a pool fence made up of solid panels. On the other hand, if you already get plenty of privacy from your yard's fence and you want to enjoy watching your guests have fun, mesh or glass panels may suit you just fine. For more information or ideas, contact York Fence Co.

3. Add a Hot Tub for Year-round Fun

Pools make a great center for fun and games when the season and weather permit. But unless you have a heated pool, you may find yourself covering your beloved backyard entertainment feature for much of the year. But you don't have to let your outdoor patio or deck area go unused during the cooler months—just add a hot tub to it!

This may sound like a prohibitively expensive proposition, since creating a permanent in-ground hot tub installation can cost upward of $10,000. But if you're more interested in having fun outdoors than in improving your home's resale value, you can install an above-ground hot tub that works just as well for a fraction of the price of an in-ground unit. Just make sure you position it close to the house, otherwise your swimsuit-clad friends and family members may have to make a run for it on colder days.

4. Set Up a Backyard Theater

Splashing around in a pool is great fun when indulged in occasionally—but during the summer months when the pool becomes the only comfortable outdoor option, the daily routine can start to get old. You can break the monotony by setting out some extra flotation devices, popping up plenty of popcorn, and inviting friends over for a nighttime poolside summer film festival.

This kind of setup need not be elaborate or expensive. There are plenty of LCD projectors on the market that can deliver a bright, colorful image for your poolside audience, provided that you wait for the sun to go all the way down before the festivities begin. Some people just string up a large bed sheet to serve as the screen, but you'll get a better picture by investing in a rear-projection screen and projecting a reversed image from behind. Line a pair of speakers up with the screen, keeping the other audio/video components and any other electrics well away from the water.

From enhancing the environment to adding new entertainment features, these tactics should help you rekindle your love for your backyard pool.