Protecting Our Children With A Fence

Looking At A Plywood Fence? Here Are The Features You Need To Get

Plywood is an inexpensive but relatively strong material that you can use for fencing if you want wood material but don't want to strain your budget. However, if you're not careful when you choose your specific fence material, you could find yourself replacing the fence again soon. Plywood is made from several layers of wood compressed together, and there are several more-specific options when you go to choose panels. Keep these things in mind when you look, and you can find some really cost-efficient fence panels.

High-Strength Wood

Look for better-quality plywood made from hardwoods or tropical woods, or look for a style called aircraft plywood. Aircraft plywood is often birch-based, though other hardwoods can be used such as poplar and mahogany. It really was used in old fighter planes, and it's a lightweight but strong wood that can handle more heat and humidity. If you want a strong fence that doesn't require a lot of heavy panels, aircraft plywood could be a good choice.

Sturdy Sealant

Plywood is susceptible to moisture, bugs, and rot just like any other wood. When your plywood fence is about to be installed, you have to be sure that all of the panels, posts, and any other wood products have been sealed well against moisture and bugs. Remember to inspect the fence occasionally to ensure nothing has chipped the top layers; if that happens, that means the sealant layer has been broken and the wood is now at risk of damage from moisture and bugs.

Smooth Vertical Panels

If you have pets, especially dogs that try to jump over the fence to get at other dogs, look for smooth panels that can be installed vertically. Don't install them horizontally like you see in a lot of home style magazines because the panels will only act as a ladder for the dog. A smooth panel that doesn't give the dog anything to use as a step is best. (And remember to keep checking the fence for signs of scratches so that you can reseal those.) You may want to install a double fence, where you have panels on both sides of the frame; those will further block pets from being able to launch themselves over the fence.

Talk to fence contractors about how they usually choose the plywood for a fence and what they do to protect it. There are so many options that you should plan on taking your time when choosing the wood.