Protecting Our Children With A Fence

Want To Add Fencing To Your Property? Consider The Best Spots For A Picket Fence

A property without fencing can make a yard look somewhat empty without detailed landscaping. It is understandable to want to add a fence to your property, especially when your neighbors have them. But, you may not be interested in installing a fence that is tall and difficult to scale. You may want to install a fence for the aesthetic improvement and other benefits that it can provide for your situation. It is ideal to hire a fencing contractor and start thinking about the greatest spots for installing a picket fence.

Front Yard

For most residential neighborhoods, it is not possible to build a 6-foot tall fence in the front yard. This means that a short fence or a picket fence, which is natural short, are your best options to add this feature. A picket fence will prevent pedestrians from being able to walk or stumble onto your property. It is even an option to add a small gate at the front entrance so that no one can just walk up to the front door.

Dog Run

Another area where you will find that a picket fence is an ideal choice is a dog run. This will only work when you do not have a large dog breed because they may find it easy to scale a short fence. While chain-link fence or natural barriers and a gate should do the trick, you cannot go wrong with a picket fence. It will have close enough pickets so that your dog has no chance of escaping by squeezing through. Also, since a picket fence can be varying in height, you can keep your dog in mind for maximum protection.


If you have a large backyard, you may have created a garden or are in the process of doing so. While you may be using raised garden beds to prevent wild animals from being a pest to your plants, you are almost guaranteed to have improved success when surrounding the area with a picket fence. This addition will make it difficult for animals such as small deer, rabbit, and squirrels to get into the area. This is because it will not be easy to jump, climb, or squeeze past the fence when it is installed with these critters in mind.

When adding a picket fence, you should think about these spots so that you feel confident in getting an excellent feature knowing that it will help with the safety and functionality.