Protecting Our Children With A Fence

Why Wood Is Still A Great Choice For Residential Fences

One of the most effective ways to update the look of your property is to install a fence. Adding a fence to your property is going to make your yard look more stylish and cohesive. Even a small fence can add security and safety to your property, especially if you have a lawn in your yard. You can make your grass spaces much safer and more enjoyable for children and pets. Many modern fences are built using synthetic materials like PVC and vinyl. However, if you prefer a wooden fence, it is still a viable choice. This article explains why you should still consider installing a wooden fence.

Wood Need More Maintenance

Wood is obviously not the lowest maintenance product when it comes to exterior fences. The problem with wood is that it is not waterproof. In order to shield wood from water damage, you need to coat it with protective clear stain. After a couple of years, this stain is going to fade and wear down. When this happens, the wood grains become susceptible to water damage. This usually results in wood grain separation, splitting, swelling, and warping of the wood. Ultimately, this means the wood will become physically compromised. Not only will a water damaged fence look ugly, it can also become weaker. Of course, with wood, you also need to worry about termite infestations. Basically, a wooden fence needs more care and attention if it is going to last a long time.

Wood is Still a Great Choice

Even though wood needs a little more maintenance than most synthetic products, it is still popular. Many homeowners are more than willing to keep up their wood in order to have the most stylish fences. There is really no substitute for the look of real wood. In fact, most of the synthetic materials are manufactured with fake wood finishes. These fake finishes don't look as good as the real thing.

Wood is also a top choice among crafty homeowners who are interested in changing their fence style and colors. That is, wood can be customized and repainted so homeowners can always keep their style current. So, the fact that wood needs to refinished might be a blessing in disguise because it forces homeowners to apply a new coat that makes their fence look fresh and new.

Wood is always going to be a top choice for fence construction because it is so stylish.