Protecting Our Children With A Fence

Finding The Right Gate Material

If you have gated walls around the perimeter of your house, you will know that they are definitely the most vulnerable part of the entire structure. The majority of any wall or fence is going to be solid, permanent, and largely untouched by the homeowner. It is the gates which are opened and closed on a daily basis, that are touched and used. So, they need to be repaired or replaced more often than any other part of the fence. This article explains what gate materials are going to be the most practical in the longterm.

Compromise on Style, Durability, and Maintenance

Obviously, you have a few different things to consider when shopping for a gate. You want something that is going to be functional and easy to operate, but that also looks good. Most people also value materials that are going to last a long time, and won't need constant care. You often need to make some sort of compromise when it comes to choosing between style, functionality, and easy maintenance.

If low maintenance is what you're most concerned about, then vinyl might be a great choice. If style is what you are most interested in, it is hard to beat real wood. If you want something durable, a wrought iron can be great.


Builders and homeowners love the natural look of wood on pretty much any structure. It is a very desirable and commonly used construction material. While wood is definitely a material that needs more upkeep and repair, it does have some advantages. One of the best things about owning a wooden gate is that you can give it a new, custom finish pretty much whenever you want. Homeowners who are willing to do the work can easily paint or stain the wooden fence to change the look of it.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fences are also very stylish and durable, but they aren't solid. So, they don't block the view, give as much privacy, and they might not keep your pets fences in. Most people want the privacy and convenience of a solid material. You also have to worry about rusting if you install a metal fence. This can be troublesome if the fence is getting wet on a daily basis.


While vinyl fences are extremely lightweight, water resistant, and low maintenance, many people just don't like their style. They certainly look a little bit like plastic, but they require very little TLC.

As you can see, you usually have to compromise in one way or the other when it comes to choosing a material for your new gate. Contact a fence company for help.