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4 Best Material Choices For Your Deck

You want to make sure the material you choose for your new deck not only looks good, but also is a strong material that will stand-up over time. There are many different wood materials you can use for your deck.

Material #1: Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure treated wood is popular because it is easy to work with. You can easily stain pressure treated wood, and it easily accepts waterproofing materials. The big downside to pressure-treated wood is that you have to frequently reseal and stain the wood to keep the boards from getting warped. Even then, the wood can become warped and crack over time, resulting in you needing to replace the wood.

Material #2: Composite Wood

Composite wood is wood that is already treated. It comes in different colors and textures. Composite wood is actually a mixture of wood fibers combined with plastic as well as a binding agent, it is not pure wood. That means that the composite wood will not crack or rot like regular wood can over time. The downside to this material is that it can scratch and stain easily, and not all composite wood actually looks like real wood; some looks a little more like plastic.

Material #3: PVC

PVC is a synthetic material. PVC is actually a plastic material, although it is used as a substitute for wood. The great thing about using PVC is that moisture rolls off the material and isn't absorbed by the material. The material will never rot, and it will not swell and shrink over time. It is also resistant to termites. One of the strange downsides of PVC material is that it often squeaks when you walk on the material, so if you want a squeaky deck that will not rot, go with PVC.

Material #4: Cedar Wood

If you want a real wood deck, go for a cedar wood deck. Cedar wood is a great wood material because cedar is insect resistant. It will keep insects off your porch and will not get damaged by wood. Cedar wood also stands up well over time. As it gets older, the color will eventually fade to more of a gray shade that can look nice. With cedar, you do have to treat the wood to keep it well-sealed.

When it comes to choosing material for your deck, you need to think about the amount of energy you are going to need to put into taking care of the deck. You also need to think about the look and feel of the deck as well. To learn more, talk to companies like Rainier Fencing & Decking.